Nick Tallo Obituary, Legendary Pittsburgh actor “motorcycle raider” has died

Nick Tallo Obituary, Death – Nick Tallo of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania has passed away on December 14, 2022. Nick appeared in “Dawn of the Dead” as one of the motorcycle raiders who stormed the Monroeville Mall. He was the floor manager of the public television show “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood” for nearly 30 years. We first met in the mid 1960s at what is now Point Park University in Pittsburgh. When we were both working at the Pittsburgh Laboratory Theatre in the 1970s, director Bill Royston approached us and said if we wanted to make some money by doing a children’s stage show for a few dollars each. We entered an auditorium filled with yelling primary school pupils. Bill declared that we were going to perform “Scrooge on Trial.”

I believe he came up with that phrase quickly because we didn’t have any scripts or ideas for what we were going to accomplish. Nick was cast as Ebenezer Scrooge. If the “jury” of children found him guilty, three of them were to smash a pie in Scrooge’s face. I assumed the job of prosecutor. For about 20 minutes, we staggered along. Scrooge was found to be ungrateful during Christmas. And Nick did an outstanding job. The first two kids were given miniature aluminum pie pans filled with whipped cream. His entire face was covered with white whipped cream. Nick handled everything with grace. With a vicious grin, the third child smashed the pie plate into Nick’s face. He couldn’t stop giggling. Nick’s nose started bleeding, and he mumbled something about hitting the kid.

But, to be honest, Nick handled everything brilliantly. He stood to his feet, gushing nose and all, and took his bows. He radiated extraordinary grace. We walked away as the kids applauded. After that, Nick’s job was mostly on set but not in front of the camera. Nick is shown in the photo as a guest at the 2005 Pittsburgh Comicon, dressed in his more conservative outfit. Nicky has the ability to make you laugh with the most ludicrous factual stories. I always looked forward to going to conventions in Pittsburgh because I knew Nick, or Bomba as he was lovingly known, would be there.
When Nick became ill this summer, our mutual friend Joe Shelleby kept me informed on his condition.

Joe directed the film “The Greenman” in 2011. Nicky was the director of photography, and I was a supporting actor. The second photograph was taken during the Munhall premiere of “The Greenman,” which I attended with long-time friends Bob Buncher, Bingo O’Malley, Nick Tallo, and Kyra Schon. Those who knew Nick will remember him for his irreverence, good humor, quick wit, hugs, and kisses. And a great deal of skill and talent. Take it easy, pal. Your memories will live on in our hearts. Thank you for bringing so much joy and happiness into our lives.