Nicole Stania Obituary, Hazleton PA, Member of Called to Peace Ministries Has Died

Nicole Stania Obituary, Death – Nicole Stania, 46, of Hazleton, Pennsylvania has suddenly and unexpectedly passed away on Wednesday, December 14, 2022. Nicole was a counselor, and ministry leader for many years at Restored Church. Nicole was a co-laborer with both House of Peace Publications and Called to Peace Ministries. She served as an advocate, G5 co-facilitator, co-leader and therapist. We learnt of Nicole Stania’s passing through a social media post; Yesterday, we were given the tragic news that Nicole Stania had passed away suddenly, and our hearts have been broken ever since. She only lived for 46 years before she was taken to be with Jesus Christ, her Lord and Savior.

Her lifespan was cut short. It was like getting a blow in the gut when I heard the news; it was so unexpected and odd. It is still very difficult for me to understand that Mom is no longer here. Nicole embodies the essence of a true servant with her altruistic nature. When we were in a difficult situation, she was the first person to offer her aid to us. This aid was not at all something that should have been taken lightly. It was a selfless gesture of devotion on her side to alter the schedule of her family so that her daughter could babysit Gracie at our house on numerous days per week. Her daughter is Gracie’s godmother.

The entirety of Nicole’s life was devoted to serving God, as well as her husband, their three children, and serving in any other capacity that was required of her. I was present when she performed this remarkable feat, and I saw the myriad of ways in which she did it with such a cool demeanor. Her life’s work consisted on assisting those who had been the targets of intimate partner violence. We talked about how emotionally draining, physically hard, and potentially even dangerous her profession was, and it came up in the conversation. She was struggling against the unfairness of the family court system at the time of our most recent talk; yet, she did not let this stop her from continuing her struggle for justice. She was completely absorbed in what she was doing at all times.

Already, I realize how much I will miss having her here with me. Even though we did not stay in touch on a daily basis or even on a weekly basis after we ended babysitting together, the thought that I would never hear her voice again or see her name show as a missed call on my phone causes my heart to throb. I am at a loss for words because I cannot even begin to understand the misery that her husband and children are going through as a result of her untimely and unexpected departure; as a result of this, I cannot even begin to grasp the anguish that they are going through.