Paula Feldner Obituary, Paula Feldner Has Sadly Passed Away

Paula Feldner Obituary, Death – I’m deeply saddened to inform you that my mother, Paula Feldner, died unexpectedly last night. Mom fell on Friday and was in the rehabilitation unit at Aventura/Oakwood Manor in Springfield, where she lived in the independent living area. I went to see Mom yesterday afternoon; she was in a lot of pain, so I sat by her bedside, wrapped my arm around her, and prayed with her. We discussed a number of things yesterday, including making plans for getting together for Christmas. I had no idea that when I left her at 5:30 to return to Columbus, it would be the last time we spoke. She was sick and not feeling well, but I had no idea she’d be on her way to heaven four hours later.

I’d like to take this opportunity to express how much my mother meant to me. Not only as a loving and nurturing mother, which she was fantastic at, but also as the catalyst in pointing me in the direction of eternal life. When I was 13, an evangelistic crusade was coming to town, and my mother, who sang in the crusade choir, invited me to attend. I felt the tug of the Holy Spirit on the second night of the crusade, came forward, and accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. As it turned out, Mom went on to witness to my father and sister, leading them to Christ as well.

Mom’s decision to lead our family to Christ altered the trajectory of our family’s history. We now have certainty that we will see each other in Heaven once we leave the challenges of this world since we were born again. It warms my heart to know that Mom and Dad are back together. I’m devastated by our loss, but I’m grateful that mom is no longer in pain and has a strong and completely functional body. “Well done, good and faithful servant….join your Master in his delight” (Matthew 25:21).