Penny Doerge Obituary, Butterfly Effect, 16-year-old girl died of brain cancer

Penny Doerge Obituary, Death – On November 10th, 2022, Penelope Griggs Doerge, age 16, daughter of Chad and Kate Doerge, sister of Henry and Frankie, passed away at home in Glen Cove, New York, surrounded by family and friends. Henry and Frankie were her brothers. Penny’s life was full with significance, passion, and happiness. She was a gifted artist, fashionista, global traveler, social media influencer, and the founder of “Glam Camp,” a summer camp for young ladies. Her favorite activities included TikToking with her pals, paddle surfing with her mother, dancing with her father, pulling practical jokes on her brothers, and cuddling with her pets.

Penny epitomized bravery, devotion, and grace all at once. Penny has never allowed her neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) diagnosis, which she got as a newborn, to define her or hinder her from achieving her goals. “Walking on Sunshine,” one of her favorite songs, wonderfully depicts her existence. Penny made an impression wherever she went, from her lifelong friendships at home to the villages of Fishers Island, New York, and Boca Grande, Florida. She was an inspiration and educator to people of all ages.

Penny was born in New York City and attended Beginnings Nursery School until she moved to Long Island in 2011. She started at The Green Vale School, then moved on to Pomfret School, and finally to Portledge School. Penny got the Buckley Award for Effort and Achievement in recognition of her outstanding efforts and accomplishments when she graduated from The Green Vale School in 2021.

Penny is the granddaughter of Carl and Meredith Doerge of Locust Valley, NY, and the daughter of the late Frank Kernan and Cassie Doerge Kernan of Bedford, NY. Josh and Elizabeth Kernan, Michael and Amanda Kernan, Duke and Lindsey Barnett, and Graham and Chloe Doerge are her cousins. Her eleven cousins all adored her. Donations to the Hospital for Special Surgery – Lerner Children’s Pavilion ( and the Advanced Neurofibromatosis Research – Children’s Tumor Foundation can be contributed in lieu of flowers (