Randall Malakaua Obituary, 64-year-old Randall Malakaua of Hilo Has Passed Away

Ralph Lambdin Obituary, Death – On Sunday, the dead body of a man who appeared to be in his middle years was discovered along the shoreline of Hilo Bay close to Isles in Hilo. It has been determined that the man was a middle-aged man. The victim, Randall Malakaua, was revealed to be 64 years old in a statement that the Hawaii Police Department issued to the media on Thursday afternoon. Malakaua’s identity was revealed in the statement. Malakaua was from Hilo. An autopsy was performed on the deceased person on Wednesday, and the results led a forensic pathologist to the conclusion that there were no signs of foul play and that the most likely cause of death was accidental drowning based on the findings of the autopsy.

However, in order to make the final decision, it will be necessary to take into account both the findings of the toxicology tests and a comprehensive investigation into the Malakaua’s past medical conditions. After receiving a report that a body had been discovered at the water’s edge on Sunday, shortly after 12:30 p.m., Hilo patrol officers and personnel from the Hawai’i Fire Department responded to the shoreline area fronting a business establishment in the 100 block of Lihiwai Street in response to the location of the body in question. It was reported that the body was found in front of the establishment where the business was located.

Personnel from the Area I Criminal Investigation Section have arrived at the scene in order to continue the investigation, which has been referred to as a coroner’s inquest for the time being. The investigation is being conducted in order to determine what caused the death of the victim. Initial investigations of the body, as reported by the Police Department, did not turn up any clues suggesting that the death was the result of foul play or any other peculiar circumstances. The body of King David Kalakaua was transported to Hilo Medical Center in order to obtain an official death certificate.