Sven Greiner Obituary, DJ Shog, Artist and Producer Dies At 46

Sven Greiner Obituary, Death – Sven Greiner aka DJ Shog has passed away at the age of 46. DJ Shog was a legend as a musician, artist and producer. DJ Shog was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1976. He became interested in electronic music and deejaying in the mid-1990s. Following the traditional first steps at school and private parties, DJ Shog entered different DJ-Contests, which led to his first residency contracts in northern Germany. With the publication of his own double-cd compilation series “Technics-DJ-Set,” he made his international debut. As a result, he mixed one CD while well-known guests like as Cosmic Gate, Dumonde, Talla 2XLC, Green Court, and many more contributed to the other.

The 14th edition of this series now includes something completely new. Both CDs were mixed by DJ Shog himself. This is due to his dual musical creativity. The “DJ Shog face” represents mainstream trance/hardtrance, whilst the “2Faces face” promotes progressive trance. These two faces appeared on the mix-cd “Trance Visions” in the summer of 2004. On CD1, he presented the Main-Floor, and on CD2, he introduced the Trance-Floor. As an alternative to the more mainstream original, an official 2Faces remix of his tune “Running Water” was released for the first time. And this idea appeared to be fantastic. The original mix quickly became a top seller in Germany, and the 2Faces remix was quickly added to the cases of well-known DJs such as Paul van Dyk and DJ Tiesto. Aside from the 2Faces remix of “Kindervater Sternenweg 5”, which has garnered several worldwide DJ plays, Paul van Dyk’s Vandit Rec. will release another mix in the coming days (Kuffdam&Plant Dreammakers).

DJ Shog’s inventor is involved in and leads a number of other initiatives. He worked with the E-Cutz team to write three anthems for Nature One, Germany’s largest open-air dance festival (Summer Sound System 2002, Alive&Kickin 2003 and The Golden 10 2004). He also oversees the newly formed “Dream Dance Alliance,” which will compose anthems for the most successful and senior Dream Dance collections. The first two songs, “Bells of Heaven” and “Ayers Rock,” rapidly became club anthems.  DJ Shog is also a well-known remixer, having worked for DJ Sammy, Cappella, CJ Stone, Three Drives, AYU, DJ Tatana, Ian van Dahl, Lasgo, Ernesto vs. Bastian, and Filo&Peri. His appearances at prominent events and festivals such as Nature One, Streetparade, Love Parade, G-Move, Energy, Nautilus, Goliath, MDR Sputnik Turntabledays, and Airbeat One confirmed his presence in the scene.

DJ Shog had made a name for himself as a truly international standard. There he had spun his international network. That is why he is always on the move, bringing his music to people all around the world. Sven Greiner, a restless musician, founded his own label, 7th Sense Records, in the middle of 2005. This label is currently the platform for his own creations with producer collaborators, as well as upcoming releases of great newcomers. DJ Shog’s long-awaited debut album, titled “My Sound,” was released in early 2006. For the first time, the teaser single “Jelousy” was published as a download single and is only available on the album and the “Technics-DJ-Set 14” compilation.