Tyler Frazee Obituary, Palm Bay, FL, Brevard County Police officer has died

Tyler Frazee Obituary, Death – Corporal Tyler Frazee, BCSO member and Deputy has passed away on December 14, 2022. According to an online posts; My Sibling, My Best Friend, My Command Sergeant, and My Private. It’s difficult to even fathom the possibility. My poor, weakened heart simply cannot handle any more of this. I still can’t believe you’ve left me. We have been familiar with one another over the course of the previous six years. You have always been an outstanding hard worker who is committed to the Brevard County Sheriff Office and to the position you hold there. You held the belief that in order to achieve one’s objectives, one ought to put in whatever effort is necessary.

It was always so cute when you called me “Mar mar.” I’m going to miss that. At BCSO, others will continue to be inspired by your contributions as well as your enthusiasm and smiles. My Sibling, My Best Friend, My Command Sergeant, and My Private. The news of Tyler Frazee’s passing came to my attention as I was having a discussion with my daughter. I became utterly frozen, and the pain in my heart started to get worse. My time spent working with Tyler was some of the best I’ve ever had. He treated me with a high degree of consideration at all times. It was never out of the ordinary for him to strike up a discussion with me and inquire about how I was doing. Whenever you were in a bind, he was there to lend a hand and assist you in any way he could.

He was a truly outstanding example of the human race. During this difficult time, I will continue to keep his family in my thoughts and prayers. It was over far too quickly. Tyler, may you rest in peace knowing that you will be greatly missed by all. I’m heart broken. There are no words that can even begin to adequately explain the anguish that one feels after the death of a child. My son Tyler Frazee passed away unexpectedly yesterday evening, and I made it a point to let all of my loved ones and friends know about it as soon as I could. I am attempting to comprehend the reason why God would have needed him at this specific moment in time.

Please pray for his wife and his two young girls, who had a tremendous amount of affection for their father, and also pray for the rest of his family. His wife and his daughters were very close to him. especially his sibling Nathan Frazee VII, who is the eighth in the family. You had an incredible influence on the lives of a great number of people, and we are at a loss as to how to move forward without you.