Hanna Kathleen Obituary, Hanna Kathleen has passed away unexpectedly

Hanna Kathleen Obituary, Death – HANNA, Kathleen (née McIlroy) – Died December 16, 2022. The former resident of Tievenadara Cottage in Drumness passed away in a manner that was respectful and dignified, and she passed away in the medical facility where she had been receiving care before to her passing. The location of her passing was in Drumness. There is a possibility that the cottage known as Tievenadara can be found in the Drumness neighborhood. Beloved wife of the late Robert (Bob), and fiercely loved mother to Robert, Judith, and James; mother-in-law to Noel and Norma; devoted grandmother to Claire and Nicola; and great-grandmother to Rebecca. Beloved wife of the late Robert (Bob). A Thanksgiving Service in honor of Kathleen’s life will be held at the Rademon Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, December 21st, 2022. This worship service is being held in recognition of the church.

This worship service will be held as a means for us to express our gratitude to the church for all that it does. After this, her dead remains will be laid to rest in the churchyard that is directly adjacent to the funeral home where her services are currently taking place. This will take place as soon as this is over. It is of the highest importance to me that only members of my close family bring flowers, so I would be incredibly glad if you could honour my request and restrict flower deliveries to just those persons. If you are able to do so, please let me know so that I can express my gratitude. If you would like to make a donation in place of sending flowers, you can send a check made out to “Norman McBriar & Son Funeral Directors” and ship it to 37 Saintfield Mill in Saintfield. You can find the address for this location in the previous sentence. Please be sure you write “Norman McBriar & Son Funeral Directors” on the memo line of the check.

The previous phrase contains the address for this website, which may be found by looking there before reading this one. Please make sure that “Norman McBriar & Son Funeral Directors” is placed on the memo line of the check that you are writing. Thank you. You may have found the address for this website in the sentence that came before this one; hence, you should read the one that came before this one first in order to find the address for this website. These proceeds will be donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Research Center at Queen’s University Belfast; the beneficiary designation on the check that needs to be written should say “Norman McBriar & Son Funeral Directors.” The Multiple Sclerosis Research Center at Queen’s University Belfast is going to receive these monies in order for it to be able to carry on the extremely important research that it has been carrying out up until this point in time. The city of Belfast constitutes the central hub of the center’s operations.