Victor Edward Obituary, Victor Edward has passed away unexpectedly

Victor Edward Obituary,  Death –  Tuesday, December 13, 2022, Victor Bremner, a resident of Bedford who had reached the age of 70 at the time of his passing and who had resided in the same house for the previous 70 years, passed away in the same house that he had resided in for the previous 70 years. He had been a resident there for the previous 70 years. Bremner had reached the age of 70 at the time of his passing. For the last seventy years, Bremner had made his home at the same residence. Victor Bremner had called the same house in which he currently resided his home for the previous seventy years. He is the loving parent of Alicia Bremner and the cherished spouse of Brenda Bremner, whose maiden name was MacDonald. Alicia is his devoted child. Brenda is his valued spouse. He is extremely attached to his daughter, Alicia Bremner. Brenda Bremner is the cherished woman he married.

Because she is his only child, Alicia is the recipient of a disproportionate amount of his care and affection. The Bremner family has never had any other children than Alicia, who is their sole child. Her given name at birth was Alicia MacDonald, and the name Alicia Bremner was given to her as a middle name. She performs under the name Alicia Bremner. In addition, she is survived by a substantial number of nieces and nephews, as well as by her brother-in-law Rene Braendli (who passed away before her), her sister-in-law Doris Wilson (Ken), her sister Joyce Metzger (who is married to Rick), her brothers Moe Bremner (who is married to Linda) and George Bremner, as well as by her brother-in-law Rene Braendli, who passed away before her. On Tuesday, December 20, visitation will take place at the Hennessey Cutcliffe Charlottetown Funeral Home commencing at four in the afternoon and lasting until eight in the evening. The service will continue till Tuesday evening.

On the same day as the funeral, there will be a visitation for the deceased. The entire ceremony will continue till Tuesday evening and will then be over. As a part of the funeral rites, the body of the deceased person has been brought here after it was transported to this site, and it is currently being displayed here in this area. The members of the family have reached the conclusion that a burial ceremony in memory of their dearly departed family member will not be held in their honour. This decision was made in light of the fact that the loved one has passed away. Instead of sending flowers in memory of the person who has died away, you may want to consider making a memorial contribution to the Queens Home Care Palliative Care Program in lieu of sending flowers. This would be a fitting gesture to honour the person who has passed away.