Lisa Hoffert Obituary, Selma Township Fire and Rescue mourn Lisa Hoffert passing

Lisa Hoffert Obituary, Death – On December 11, 2022, Lisa Hoffert, who had a history of serving as a fireman for Selma Township, passed away. She put up a brave and determined fight against a terrible disease for a lengthy amount of time; yet, in the end, she was eventually unable to win the battle against the illness and ultimately gave in to the consequences of the illness. In a previous life, Lisa Hoffert volunteered her services as a fireman for the residents of Selma Township. At that point, she had already been struggling against it for a substantial amount of time and was continuing to do so at that point. She started out her journey with her family by her side the whole time she was gone. Lisa was committed to her fire family, and she was happy to be working in the same department as her younger brother, Anthony Fleischfresser, who is serving as the acting Chief of the Fire Department at the present time. Volunteering her time to fight fires in the neighborhood was one of Lisa’s most passionate pursuits as a member of the community.

In remembrance of the person who passed away, a funeral ceremony will be held at the beginning of the month of February at the Harvest Barn Church located in East Jordan. This event will honor her life while also paying respect to her death in memory of the person who passed away. The memorial service will be held in her honor when she has passed away. Despite the fact that she fought cancer for a very long time, we will honor her life and celebrate it at the party, even though we must also acknowledge that she has died away. As a result of the tragedy that befell her, a memorial service is being held in her honor. The purpose of the ceremony is to remember her life while also showing respect for the fact that she is no longer among the living.

We ask that you remember Chief F13 and the other brave firefighters who serve with the Selma Township Fire Department in your prayers and thoughts over the course of this holiday season. They are protecting the citizens of Selma Township. They are constantly acting as a shield for our community. They are protecting our neighborhood and ensuring our well-being at the same time by doing so. They are always placing themselves in dangerous situations in order to keep our area safe. They have gone to extraordinary lengths and dealt with an extraordinary amount of difficulty in order to ensure that the people of our community will continue to enjoy a high level of safety.