Lamont Stewart Obituary, Accident involved a vehicle and a bicycle

Lamont Stewart Obituary, Death – After their positions were found and it was determined that they were exactly where they should have been, the suspect and the vehicle were both taken into custody. We are thankful to members of the general public for the assistance they provided in this case and we appreciate them for cooperating with us. Please contact the authorities at the number that is shown on this flyer if you have any information that could be able to aid in the successful conclusion of this investigation. You can find that number on the flyer. Per Coroner Karla Deese:

On December 18, 2022, Deputy Lancaster County Coroner Lynette Walker was called to the Springdale Route in Lancaster, South Carolina, in response to a hit-and-run accident on that route that involved a vehicle and a bicycle. The collision involved both of these modes of transportation. On Springdale Route was where the collision had place. After the collision had taken place, the driver of the vehicle made a hasty getaway from the location where it had occurred. In the early hours of the morning, an event took happened that would later play a role in ultimately leading to the current dilemma (after midnight).

Lamont Stewart, 59 years old, was recognized as the deceased cyclist wh  o was certified dead at the site of the collision. Stewart was a native of Lancaster, South Carolina. The motorist who was responsible for the death of the cyclist was able to elude authorities at the scene of the accident, and the South Carolina Highway Patrol is presently searching for them. You are highly invited to get in touch with the SCHP at the phone indicated below if you have any information concerning this occurrence. 888-CRIMESC (888-274-6372) (888-274-6372)

Both the South Carolina Highway Patrol and the Lancaster County Coroner’s Office are currently conducting their own investigations into what has taken place in order to have a deeper comprehension of what has occurred. There is no recently acquired information that can be provided at this time because there is none that is readily available. As a direct result of this, there is none.