Richard Trythall Obituary, St. Stephen’s School Teacher Has Died During an Elective Surgery

Richard Trythall Obituary, St. Stephen's School Teacher Has Died During an Elective Surgery

Richard Trythall Obituary, Death – Richard Trythall, a well valued coworker and friend of ours, passed away yesterday evening unexpectedly during an elective operation. It is with profound sorrow and a heavy heart that I inform you of his passing. Please accept my condolences. In the short amount of time that I’ve known Richard, I’ve been blown away by his tremendous talent, extensive knowledge, and unwavering dedication to our pupils. It is impossible to find someone who can compete with his leadership and commitment to St. Stephen’s for the past fifty-six years.

The kids’ passions and curiosity were stoked thanks to Richard’s remarkable ability to motivate and excite them. This talent exemplified his care and attention. In the past, he has been quoted as saying, “I don’t think there’s anything you can say that is more compelling than your example. Simply coming in, showing your work, and possibly performing are the only requirements; everything else is incidental. The students have a healthy regard for that.”

That was the action that Richard took. As Chair of the Arts Department, he set a good example for every student he worked with and for all of the other students in the department. Richard was exceptional at nurturing the artist that lay dormant within each youngster and bringing out their individual gifts. He is deeply ingrained in both the culture and the structure of this organization. We will all miss him more than we can put through words; he was a wonderful artist, composer, and pianist. He will be remembered as the epitome of a gentleman. If you are interested in reading more about Richard’s background and time spent at St. Stephen’s in his own words, please read an article he wrote for The Cortile magazine in 2013 and titled “Background and Times at St. Stephen’s.” Richard is survived by his wife and daughter. When I receive information regarding arrangements, I will share them with you